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NextGen DWDM Technology

DWDM is a flexible and cost-efficient 40-channel DWDM transport platform that is optimized for high-capacity transport within regional and long-haul networks, and has an optional extension to 80 channels. It can transmit bit rates of 2.5 Gbit/s, 10 Gbit/s, 40 Gbit/s and 100 Gbit/s per wavelength without re-engineering of the existing network design.

Fibrecomm’s network is based on Next Generation optical products, embedded with leading-edge optical technologies which eliminate the barriers long-associated with traditional approaches to regional and long-distance DWDM networking. These technologies allow for a flexible and agile all-optical DWDM solution which enables ease of deployment, service provisioning, and management for the network.

Features of NextGen DWDM

  • True automated, adaptive networking with intelligence built into each network element, and employs revolutionary transponder technology
  • Auto-Dispersion Compensator
  • 40G and 100G ready and support new higher rate interfaces without re-visiting the photonics equipment or even upgrading the terminal shelves to support the higher line rates
  • provide a common platform for multiple applications such as PDH/SDH/Ethernet services via its MSPP and advanced Layer-2 capabilities.



  • Capacity Increase – large aggregate transmission capacity
  • Upgradability – Customer growth without requiring additional fibre to be laid
  • Flexibility – Optical add/drop multiplexing
  • Optical cross connect
  • Scalability – the possibility to add new nodes to the network
  • Network Transparency – Independence of data rate, format and protocols

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