Network Coverage

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Fibrecomm has installed more than 100,000 fibre kilometers to form a unique transport and access network connecting Fibrecomm’s numerous Point-of-Presences (POP) throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

Fibrecomm network helps service providers to deliver data, voice, as well as other multimedia services to their customers’ faster and cost effective as our network is readily available and swiftly accessible at all POPs & POIs.

Fibrecomm also provides seamless intercity or cross border connectivity for global market solution.

Fibrecomm has recently extended its network to East Malaysia-Sabah utilizing SESB network infrastructure connecting POPs in capital cities and towns.

  • POI (Point of Interconnection) is a notional point in the middle of the link connecting the two networks. The geographical location where two networks interconnect and exchange traffic.
  • POP (Point of Presence) is a network node that is created as an access point from Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) to Fibrecomm’s Data Transport network. The POP is a part of the transport network and located at the edge of the network, providing connectivity and services to customers subject to facilities availability. Customers access the POP through a leased line or Fibrecomm’s access network solution.

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