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Logo Guidelines

Corporate Typeface

The company’s official typeface is a budding partner to the logo and it implies strong foundation and the caring attitude towards the community we are in. The typefaces have been chosen for their visual characteristic that communicates our commitments and our relationship to a better nation.

The official typeface for Fibrecomm is Arial Bold. The usage is being used extensively for all company’s official printed stationeries bearing Fibrecomm logo.

The typeface is chosen based on their common availability and is a standard typeface for official letters, documents and other official correspondence. The standard font size for the correspondence is 11. For other applications however, the font size should be proportionate to the overall dimension of the sign and Fibrecomm logo.

Corporate Name

The legal name is the registered name of the Private Limited Company. It should appear on all formal communications pertaining to the Private Limited Company. the word Sendirian Berhad can abbreviated to Sdn bhd. In all publications, the full name ‘Fibrecomm Network (M) Sdn Bhd’ should be used on the first mention. Thereafter, only the word ‘Fibrecomm’ shall be used for subsequent mentions in marketing Communication matterials. The abreviations ‘FCN’ may be used as subsequent mentions for other publication. These are the only acceptable abbreviations for the Company. Do not use any other forms of abbreviation. The word Fibrecomm, FCN and the legal name is known as a corporate signature.

It is used for advertising, publications, signage, livery and other commercial purpose.

The Logo

Fibrecomm logo is the company’s visual ambassador. In every instance of Fibrecomm contact with the public, the logo should be present in such that depicts the Company’s image and corporate values through its form and color.

The logo is clean and business-like, quickly communicating strength and stability.

The white stream across Fibrecomm logog represents optic fibre, the core technology employed in our network.

Fibrecomm logog is the only logo to be used represent the company. It is important that the logo is always used correctly.

Wherever practical, the standard color should be adhered to. Refer to the standards provided in this manual.

Fibrecomm logo should never be, drawn manually or using computer graphic. It mus be reproduced from approved computer file printed through a high quality printer. Only digital files supplied by Corporate Communications Department should be used. Care should be taken not to distort the logo when sizing digital versions alternatively.

Construction Grid
For large-scale reproductions of the logo, the construction grid provided should be used with extreme care and accuracy, to faithfully maintain the proper logo promotions.


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